Seven Hills Jewellers

A diversified arm of the Seven Hills Group, Seven Hills Jewellers runs successfully as a jewelry enterprise in Kolkata. Seven Hills Jewellers offers an exquisite blend of traditional and modern designs in Gold and Diamond jewelry for the new-age woman.

Jewelry is an expression of one self and we at Seven Hills believe in creating unique designs so that each customer can find one that truly reflects them. With superior craftsmanship and assurance of purity and quality, we have been building trust and are gaining popularity in the Indian jewelry market.

Our exquisite range offers you a timeless piece for every occasion: whether it is wedding jewelry steeped in tradition to adorn the bride on her special day or every day jewelry for the working woman with a modern touch. We are proud to have created not just jewelry, but something every woman can call her own.

With special Membership plans and EMIs to help pay for the jewelry we are setting the trend in making jewelry something everyone can own with pride without feeling a pinch in their pockets. We are constantly not only creating new designs to keep up with the latest trends but are building a jeweler that understands it customers.