Our Story - Foundation of Seven Hills Group

Our Story - Foundation of Seven Hills Group

With humble beginnings tracing back to 1991, our founder Mr. Harish Kumar Jalan has been an entrepreneur right from the start. Having valuable experience in Cable Compound and Insulation material supply he set out with a dream to create a group of companies which would pioneer growth for the next generation.

Back in 1991 Fiber Optics and Telecom was still an extremely niche field with even fewer people seeing it as the next step to India’s growth and progress. Mr. Jalan realized that development of telecom would be the first stage in connecting India to the world and was hence crucial to its development.

With this vision of building India’s future Seven Hills Opticommunication (P) Ltd., the parent company of the Seven Hills Group, was created. Since then Seven Hills Opticommunication has led the way in development of the Indian telecom industry. Whether it was making the newest technologies from all over the world accessible to the Indian markets or developing new solutions customized to the growing telecom industry, the company overcame every obstacle and is now a trusted partner of the leading Telecom Service Provider and Telecom Operators.

Since then the Seven Hills Group has never looked back. In 1994 Seven Hills Teleservices (P) Ltd. was founded to provide a one-stop solution for Telecom Projects. Starting with Telecom Implementation Projects we have now branched into DWDM Installation Project work, continuing our growth.

Seven Hills Jewellers (P) Ltd. was then founded to expand the group’s reach to consumer products. With in-house designing and manufacturing, Seven Hills Jewellers continues to grow as a successfully jewelry venture in Kolkata, India. In 2006 and 2008 Seven Hills Landmark (P) Ltd. and Seven Hills Infotech (P) Ltd. were created to provide commercial and retail properties in some of the most prime locations across the country. They continue to provide spaces to some of the leading companies around the world.

So, where do we go next? In the words of our founder Mr. Jalan, “Seven Hills Group will always lead, grow and surge ahead to build a brighter and better future.”